Better health through living food and wild herbs

24. Juni – 01. Juli 2012

Modern raw couisine is anything but dull carrot-nibbling. With its wide range of fruits, vegetables, greens, algaes, nuts, seeds and sprouts etc., there is no limitation to your imagination and creativity. In theory and practice we will learn the basics as well as the special treats. One focus lies on edible wild greens, how to recognize them and how to get them. And we will address the impacts our eating habits have on society and the environment. By highlighting the various european specialities and cultural diversity of the participants different gastronomic cultures we will broaden our understanding of each other, as well as enriching our personal diets.

Leitung: Jörg Zimmermann (Live food Preparator, organic gardener, wild herb expert, Sieben Linden), Julia Kommerell (Live food Preparator, Sieben Linden) Daniela Plötz (Live food preparator)

Language: English

Honorar: 360 Euro
Biovollverpflegung, Haus, Orga: Für TeilnehmerInnen aus Deutschland 420 Euro inkl. Unterkunft
Anmeldung: GRUNDTVIG funding: Participants from other european countries please subscribe at: joerg(dot)zimmermann(ätt)siebenlinden(dot)de

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